After 10 years learning classical and jazz piano Elisa Elisa fell in love with the French electronic music scene in her hometown Lyon. And the urge to absorb the Berlin vibes became unbearable!


In 2012, she landed in one of Berlin ́s most legendary clubs, Watergate to write her master thesis about House Music. Since then she has been playing worldwide spreading her love and passion for music. "For me, party and music are about the community, sharing and cherishing the moment." Coming herself from the dance floor, she sees those moments as powerful as meditation.


In 2020, she released her Track Drum Love on Heat Up which madly reached number #1 on Beatport Deep House! The Franco-Algerian producer pays legacy to her North African roots infused with her protestant gospel ancestry. As she says herself, "I am a mix"! And this is how she transcribed the fusion of her origins by creating her own identity through her music.


Followed with a collab with Emmanuel Jal on Cacao Records and releases on He.Shey.They, Nervous, Club Bad, NuLu, Bambossa Records, Nite Grooves, Sous by the amazing Anja Schneider, alongside remixes from Enoo Napa, Demuir, Demarkus Lewis.


Now based in Ibiza, Elisa Elisa played worldwide at clubs and festivals such as Panorama Bar, Club Chinois, Papaya Playa Project, Fusion, La Bellevilloise, Night Tales, Antik, Harry Klein, Delta...


Elisa Elisa got also published in the very first book dedicated to women in House Music: The Lady of the House! 




Elisa Elisa

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